What Can It Do?

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What is Nizoral Cream? It is an anti-fungal medicine used to treat fungal and yeast infections. Its anti-fungal property is due to Ketoconazole, which effectively kills yeasts and fungi, for many years, Ketoconazole cream has been popular for people all over the world. Nizoral cream is one of its famous brand names, which today has become a household name for anti-fungal medicine.

How does anti-fungal Cream work?

nizoral cream

Skin fungal infection.

Ketoconazole is extremely effective in riding fungal infections of the skin. It works by destroying the fungi’s ability to produce “ergosterol” which an important chemical is found in its cell membrane.

Lack of this enzyme causes the fungal cell membrane to weaken and eventually killing it. Ketoconazole can also use to treat candida infections of the skin. It will also wreak havoc on this yeast-like fungus, weakening its cellular membrane and destroying it.This effective anti-fungal property of ketoconazole was the main reason for it to become popular worldwide.

Diseases treated by Ketoconazole

Athlete’s foot

This ailment is an infection of the upper layer of the skin of the foot. It is caused by fungus. It is characterized by flaky or scaly, dry skin and is often extremely itchy and painful. In severe cases, swollen blisters may occur, which can cause a stinging or burning sensation to the sufferer. If not treated, the infection may spread all over the feet, between the toes and on the soles of the feet.

Causes of athlete’s foot

It is more likely to happen on people whose feet are regularly subjected to a damp and warm environment. People who regularly wear shoes and have excessively sweating feet are more likely to contract the infection. That is why people who normally walk barefoot have a lesser chance of contracting the disease.

Use of Ketoconazole

As ketoconazole is a well-known anti-fungal medicine, it is one of the best cures for athlete’s foot. It can easily dry up any blisters or irritation and can quickly reduce the itchy or painful sensation. For serious cases, one must quickly consult a dermatologist for better advice and treatment; however ketoconazole is often the first choice of medication.


nizoral cream - microconidia of the fungus

Microconidia of the fungus.

Unlike the name suggests, ringworms are not caused by worms, rather it is caused by a type of fungus. It is characterized by circular rings of rash that seems to spread on the skin. Sufferers describe that ringworms are extremely itchy and sometimes painful. It is contagious and can easily be transmitted by skin to skin contact.

Treating Ringworms with Ketoconazole

Ringworms are also a type of fungus which attacks the skin. Ketoconazole can easily kill of the infestation and dry up the rash caused by fungal activity. It is important to quickly administer ketoconazole on the affected area to stop it from spreading to other parts of the body. It is a relatively easy skin infection to cure, especially with the help of anti-fungal cream.

Other diseases treated by anti-fungal cream

Other ailments caused by fungus such as jock itch can be easily treated by correct doses of ketoconazole. It is important to make sure that these affected areas are kept dry and cool.

nizoral cream - vaginal trush

Vaginal trush infection.

Humidity and warm temperatures hasten the proliferation of fungal activity thus increasing its severity. That is why people who are already infected by these diseases are often advised to wear loose, dry and clean clothing or refrain from wearing shoes and socks for the length of the treatment. More serious infections included vaginal yeast infection or colloquially called “Vaginal trush.” It is caused by yeast germs called Candida. It develops in warm, moist places in the body such as the skin in pits, mouth and the vagina. This infection is characterized by itchy and painful rashes in the vagina, painful urination and during sexual intercourse.These can all be safely treated by ketoconazole cream.

Nizoral cream side effects

The main cause of side effects when using anti-fungal cream is if the patient has an allergy to ketoconazole. Though this is uncommon, but there have been cases of violent and allergic reactions of the body to this anti-fungal cream. Symptoms of allergic reaction to ketoconazole are extreme irritation when the cream is applied, occurrence of rashes after use, swelling and drying of the skin. Other severe cases involves difficulty breathing, development of hives and swelling of the lips, face and tongue, which can impede breathing. It is best to consult a doctor, if these cases are experience by a person using ketoconazole.